Back to School Kit

Going back to school can be a difficult time for students, especially when it comes to mental health. It’s fundamental to talk about mental health, and especially around this time of the year.

Mental Health America created a “Back To School 2016 Outreach Tool Kit” that gives tons of information on serious issues including self harm, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and hair pulling and skin picking.

For students, the toolkit offers a “Drop-In” letter that talks specifically to students about their mental health, and ways to get help. They also have a social media campaign (#mentalillnessfeelslike) where it’s an open discussion with teenagers on mental health and what it feels like. It offers sample posts that you can use, or you can create your own and use the links given to share information.

As for parents, they also provide a “Drop-In” letter where they discuss how to talk to your child to give them help, rather than do harm. Mental Health America also offers fact sheets so parents (or anyone) can learn more about specific things, and how to get help. Parents might also want to avoid sounding like a cartoon character when talking to their kids, so checking out these cartoons will help establish positive, effective dialogue. (

For both parents and students, there is a “Key Notes” section that gives some general facts about mental health in students.

To go through the full tool kit, go here:back-to-school-2016-full-toolkit-images-must-be-downloaded-separately