Gaming and Mental Health

gamerhelpAs the gaming community grows globally – in terms of the number of players and developers – it continues to display its growth in terms of a community of people who share and care about each other. A significant example is the concern over helping raise awareness of mental health in the gaming community, and beyond. is one example. AG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing mental health resources for the gaming community. In addition to trying to raise money to support gamers needing mental health professionals, they also hold events, provide forums, podcasts, and numerous other avenues that provide gamers an opportunity to support each other in a positive safe environment. AG also provides general resources and advice such as Guide to Recovery (

TakeThis.Org is another website tightly connected to the gaming community that sponsors events and promotes a culture of sharing experience and knowledge regarding mental health issues. It also offers general resources such as When Gaming Isn’t Fun (,
How to Be a Friend (, and When to Seek Help (

Sometimes games can be away people escape from their problems – but it can also be a support system. As exemplified like organizations such as AnxietyGaming and TakeThis, gaming can also provide interaction, support, and an understanding that life itself is made of milestones, levels, setbacks and also triumphs.