MindMatters Down Under

MindMatters is an Australian mental health initiative for schools, and offers different methodologies that could be adopted in Oakland.   The goal of MindMatters is to improve the mental health and well being of children and adolescents. They have a framework that gives structure, guidance, and support, while enabling schools to make and use their own strategies to suit their school’s circumstances. MindMatters provides teachers and staff with professional learning that includes online resources, spotlight sessions on topics that are relevant and important to their school, more personal events, webinars, and support.

MindMatters is based off of the idea and principle that the most efficient mental health strategy is one that prevents the issues from forming in the first place. Because of this, MindMatters promotes positive mental health throughout the whole school community, and has a goal to curb mental health difficulties through improving relationships and resilience with students. MindMatters offers school staff with reasonable advice and guidance so that they are able to support students who may be struggling with their own mental health issues in a timely and appropriate way.

Find out more about Mind Matters here: http://www.mindmatters.edu.au/ 

Check out the two videos below to learn more about mental health in schools.