About Us

About Let’sTalkOakland.US

Let’s Talk Oakland is an initiative started by Oakland citizens, nonprofit leaders, and leaders from Oakland schools and municipal government to help change the culture of mental health, mental illness, mental health optimization, and general wellness.

Everyone has mental health, and everyone can improve, and everyone can learn how to optimize their mental health; everyone has the right to strive toward their full potential, appreciate the fullness of each day.  Accepting that the value of mental health and physical health are equal, we need a change in culture –  and the goal of the Let’s Talk Oakland Campaign is to help promote this change.

Our goal is to engage all members of the Oakland community, all ages, to join in an effort to make mental health a part of daily living: how can we improve ourselves, and reach our goals – whether those goals be academic, professional, athletic, familial, social,  or simply the goal of living a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Our mission with the Let’s Talk Oakland campaign is to engage the Oakland community, and by mutual support help to improve the mental health of those who are succeeding with their goals; and, lend a hand to those that are struggling.

History Behind Us

The Let’s Talk Oakland initiative evolved from a confluence of events that have impacted the Oakland community. The most tragic of impetuses have been the number of young community members whose lives were lost to death by suicide or death by drug overdose.

Adding to the concerns of lives lost were discussions over stress factors brought on by the economy, by schools, by employers, by family, and by social interaction whether online or offline.

Our  members of Let’s Talk Oakland include, Keith Ahearn, Kristin Carr, Dr. Gina Coffaro, David Ferwerda, George Gorman, Peter Kikot, Mike Guadagnino, Aly McCormick, Caron McCormick, Charlie McCormick, Mayor Linda Schwager, Gina Steele, Jennifer Zimmerle along with other representatives from the Oakland BOE, the Community of Commerce and the Borough of Oakland. We strive to seek avenues as to how Oakland as a community could prevent future tragedies and help others struggling with challenges impacting their mental health.