Is Pokemon Go Really Improving Mental Health? 1

Is Pokemon Go Really Improving Mental Health?
By Aly McCormick

Pokemon Go is a phenomenon, with it being the biggest mobile game in USA history. There are a lot of opinions on the game, from some people that think the game is ridiculous, to others who think it’s a beginning of a revolution in how we play mobile games. But, is it really improving people’s mental health?

According to Buzzfeed, and other sources, it is. Brianna, age 21, told Buzzfeed News. that playing Pokemon Go helped her get outside, saying, “Dealing with depression, it’s often really hard to find a reason to leave bed, or even home,” she said. “I was in a really bad low before I got the app. And I wouldn’t say it’s changed that completely, but it’s kept me busy, and given me a lot of motivation.”

Fox News reports that doctors have already seen improvements in mental health with their patients. “The game could provide motivation to go outside and explore the world through a sort of enhanced reality,” Ben Michaelis explains. “It could also provide people with enough of a distraction from their fears and inner monologue to get them to do something that might be challenging for them.”

Since the game was just released, there hasn’t been enough time to conduct an official study to see if the game can really improve mental health, but from what we have seen, it’s safe to assume it is.

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  • gina steele

    I am all for getting people outside – I think the sometimes just feeling the sun on your face makes you feel good!

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