20 Minutes, Save a Life

mental_health_awarenessEveryone may not have the time to attend classes that provide hands-on training, detailed instructions, and recognized certifications – but everyone has 20 minutes to become knowledgeable in the basics of first aid – both physical and mental.

Mental CPR

ChangeDirection.org has partnered with mental health professionals to offer a 20 minute online course  to provide: basic mental health statistics; how to recognize the five signs that might indicate someone is in emotional pain and could possibly need help – and how to suggest some resources to those who might need help.

This “mental CPR” course is designed for ages 13 and up, and will help Oakland residents, teachers, coaches, students identify the 5 signs that could save a life.

To take the 20 minute course, follow this link: https://www.knowthefivesigns.org/tools/oc/Bo/KnowTheFiveSigns

Physical CPR

In this Standard – CPR / AED Certification Course offered by the NationalCPRFoundation.com you’ll learn how to properly perform CPR on Infants, Children and Adults. You’ll also learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The training and exam are free, but there is a small fee associated with receiving an official certificate.

To take this 20 minute course, follow this link: https://www.nationalcprfoundation.com/courses/standard-cpr-aed/